Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Sarah Palin A Closeted NAZI?

By: Sherry Rashad

Despite of the lipstick on a pig / pit bull / soccer mom rhetoric in which she used with a skill of a Krav Naga expert disarming an armed assailant while inside a phone booth. Sarah Palin managed to utter several faux pas that surely won’t fly back in the heyday of the Women’s Liberation movement. And yet the “Conservative Right” fell in love with her pro-life stance. Doesn’t her pro-life stance remind you of the concept of “lebensborn babies” back when Adolph Hitler ruled Germany? You know, lebensborn, one of those several programs initiated by NAZI SS leader Heinrich Himmler to secure the racial heredity of the Third Reich.

From the allegations of abuse of power during her tenure as governor of Alaska, to her alleged Foreign Policy expertise just because she lived and worked closest to Russia than either Democratic candidate. Sarah Palin indeed handled these issues with skill rivaling that of a Washington political spin-doctor. Whether this would be an advantage in real world Foreign Policy decisions is open to debate. Yet, this hasn’t stopped her from using it as a popularity aid. And don’t forget Sarah Palin’s context-twisting manipulation of the “lipstick on a pig” euphemism to use for her advantage. And the greatest mystery of all, what has Sarah Palin done lately during her incumbency as governor of the state of Alaska to help the Native American / First Nation Tribes that reside in her state?

If you think David Duke, the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is scary, people like Sarah Palin are even worse. It’s because when people like David Duke hate me, they have rules that govern them. While people like Sarah Palin, or any other closeted neo-NAZI types like President Bush’s Neo-Conservatives tend to exploit the people that they hate to line up their coffers.

Maybe Senator John McCain in his advancing age is not only confusing the Hanoi Hilton with Paris Hilton, but is probably taking advice from the Aryan Nation head Richard Butler about who to pick for as a vice presidential running mate. Yet, majority of Americans still don’t know why the founding members of the band Heart – i.e. sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson – are really pissed off at Sarah Palin for using Heart’s song Barracuda in Palin’s campaign rallies.